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October 9, 2009 Leave a comment

There is a pervasive emptiness I feel, there is no solution to it.  Life sucks sometimes.  I wish this were more uplifting but it isn’t.  If you are bummed out, I relate.  Despite the fact that I am well dressed, attractive, funny; at the end of the day, I get the feeling that no one ever gets me.   I’m also shallow, you probably realized this by now.

Shallow people feel sadness somemtimes too (or if they are anything like me a lot of the times), but what can you do?  I wish I had a spliff.  As Sean Bateman would say, “Deal with it, Rock n’ roll.”

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Another Night In New York

October 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Sometimes you are drunk and you write poems you know are shitty, what can you do?  If you’re a cute blonde who went to hsh feeling alone for a bit and a cute boy wearing glasses flirted with you briefly in New York about 12 AM 1:15 AM on October 9th, 2009, and your name/nick name is Alex send me an email, seriously.  You are kind of amazing.  At least I think so.

Another Night In New York

Fell in love with a girl,
and I don’t even remember
what she looks like

If there is anything
more pathetic?
I’d like to know.

It’d make me,
feel better about myself.

Another drunken haze,
Fuck my life.

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Sita Sings the Blues

October 8, 2009 Leave a comment

If you are ever bored one night and have nothing to do, watch this movie I saw on PBS.  You need to watch this.  Off the hook.  It is hilarious, trippy and it is free to download.  It also has an awesome soundtrack.  You can go to and download the whole thing for free.  I swear the creator must have been smoking weed for days upon days when she was making this.

“her skin is fair like the lotus blossom, her eyes are like like lotus… her breasts are like big firm  juicy lotuses”

An Amazing Title Needs an Amazing Poem as Inspiration

October 8, 2009 Leave a comment

First post, I thought I’d start it off with a poem.  I love poems.  It’s hard to talk about loving poetry without being labeled something.  Poems are also awesome for people who love to write but can’t write for pages upon pages.  Poems are great for people who need to express something relatively quickly.  By quickly I mean anywhere from an hour to a day.  Good poetry, like all excellent art can’t be forced, there needs to be a catharsis.  The structure allows you to be concise, which is wonderful.  So you can capture thoughts and feelings without losing it.  You can lose your initial inspiration (trust me) from trying to write a novel.  You write a paragraph, you change your mind, you realize you have 300 pages to go and it all seems so monumental (despite the fact that there is an amazing idea or dialogue in your head).

The Troubles of being an Author

I am trying so hard,
hours spent pondering
a good title.

A day past,
a night,
a week,
a fortnight,
and everything sounds
so tacky.

A great work needs a great title,
What’s the title?
My nights dreaming,
a title.

“Blood for Vampires,”
how cool is that?
Now for the rest of story,
this might take awhile.

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